Association Owners

Our dedicated Rental Management Department has over 20 years of experience in providing top rental return for our owners. Rental return is a top priority but taking care of each property and maintaining strict quality control is also very important to us.

  • Reservation personnel trained to close the deal on rental leads and calls
  • Extensive marketing campaign to ensure maximum rental return
  • Owner referral program that awards you for sending rental clients
  • Dedicated housekeeping , maintenance, and quality control personnel dedicated to Sugar Sands available 24/7
  • Experienced accounting department responsible for collecting and dispersing rental income
  • Owners’ monthly operating bills paid from account on request
  • User-friendly website that allows guests to search, view photos and book rentals 24/7; also allows owners private access to check rentals and book reservations anytime and from anywhere
  • Over 60,000 brochures mailed out first class postage each year

There are many other services that we offer at Sugar Sands, but none more important than company owner participation. If you have a problem or need, an owner of our company will be available for you. If you would like additional information, call 800.824.6462 or send us a message.

Homeowner Associations

Sugar Sands Realty offers the most personalized and detailed Association Management Program on the Island. We are not interested in being the largest Association manager, but we are dedicated to being the best. With our Association Department you do not get passed around from one person to another. You will have one point of contact for building issues and one point of contact for accounting issues.

Our staff assists Boards of Directors with financial management and disaster planning to negotiating contracts and refining operational procedures. Our goal is to make our Board Members’ job as painless as possible and to respond and solve our owners’ issues. Each one of our Associations has a dedicated webpage for owners to check for updates and other information.

Daily Duties
  • Daily inspections of property with custom check sheet recorded
  • Monitor vendors and contractors on property to insure quality control
  • Attend all required meetings
  • On call 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Contact proper vendor for any problem
  • Work directly with the Board of Directors
  • Recommend repairs, capital improvement and solicit bids for these projects
  • Return owner phone calls and information request in a timely manner
Accounting Duties
  • Ensure all pertinent records and information for our properties are kept in order
  • Maintain all current owner information
  • Assist Boards of Directors with annual budgets
  • Responsible for all Association mailings and meeting reminders
  • Take in all dues and assessments and deposit in proper accounts
  • Pay invoices monthly or as required
  • Provide monthly financial reports required by Board of Directors
  • Work directly with Association’s CPA firm on annual audit
Join Our Winning Team

Attention to detail and daily inspection are the two main things that set us apart from other companies on the Island. If you have a question, or would like to know if we can provide additional services, contact us today.