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4 Amazing Reasons to Book a Beach Vacation Rental

Posted on by Sugar Sands

The salty air, lazy afternoons soaking up sun rays, and long walks by the water—the beach offers a vacation experience you won’t find anywhere else. With warmer weather right around the corner, hitting the sand for a getaway may be tempting.

Here are just a few reasons to skip the usual tourist destinations and book that beach vacation rental you’ve had your eye on:

  • Mental Relaxation: The whole point of a vacation is to take a step out of life for a while and recharge. And according to a Michigan State University study, nothing rejuvenates you and promotes relaxation like spending time near large bodies of water. The researchers believe that natural environments are easier to process, which decreases stress and promotes general well-being.
  • Fresh Air: What’s the point of going on vacation if you’re just going to spend it in the same kind of environment you see every day? While you relax on the sand, your lungs will get a break from the smog of city life that only fresh, salty sea air can provide.
  • The Local Culture: Beach towns have a unique character to them that you won’t find anywhere else. The slower pace of a beach lifestyle is contagious, so spending some time in a vacation rental living among the natives can help you relax and enjoy a simple routine for a while.
  • Limitless Recreational Activities: Of course, there’s the ocean—the main attraction. On a beach vacation, you can go snorkeling, swimming, rent a jet ski, or even try boating. Whether you want to catch up on your reading or discover the underwater world, the beach has something for everyone.

Sugar Sands Realty & Management, Inc, located in Orange Beach, AL, maintains hundreds of vacation rental properties along the Gulf Coast, including beautiful condos and spacious single-family homes. Whether you’re traveling for a romantic getaway or bringing the whole family, you can rely on this team to find the beach property you’ve been dreaming of. Browse and book your beach house rental on their website now, see their latest specials on Facebook, or call (251) 974-1672, (800) 824-6462 to discuss your ideal vacation with a member of their team.

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Vacation Rentals: 5 Things That Make Orange Beach the Perfect Getaway

Posted on by Sugar Sands

Vacation rentals are the ideal home-away-from-home if you’re looking to escape the cold, and the tropical atmosphere of Orange Beach, AL, makes for the perfect backdrop. Sugar Sands Realty & Management Inc offers the finest beach house rentals and vacation homes in the area, with oceanfront activities and local attractions at your front door.

Glistening surf, sun-soaked beaches, and a relaxed atmosphere aren’t the only perks of Orange Beach. It’s home to a vibrant culture of outdoor activities and attractions perfect for the whole family.

5 Things That Make Orange Beach the Perfect Place to Get Away

  1. Boat Tours

Whether you’re looking for an intimate night dining at sea or a day-trip cruise alongside dolphins, Orange Beach offers a variety of boat tours for every occasion. Experience the marine life and true ocean-atmosphere by booking a ride out on the water.

2. The Wharf

A trip to Orange Beach isn’t complete without a stop at The Wharf. As the cultural hub of the town, you’ll find everything from art events and seafood festivals to live music and shopping. Sugar Sands Realty & Management Inc offers vacation rentals only steps away, giving you full access to the best of the Orange Beach lifestyle.

3. Adventure Island

If you’re looking for an afternoon full of family-friendly activities, stop by Adventure Island. With everything from go-karts and mini golf to a five-story volcano, you’ll find endless attractions perfect for when you’re out on the town.

4. Fishing Charters

The Gulf is home to a rich ecosystem of sea life, so why dine out when you can catch your own seafood? Orange Beach offers a variety of inter-coastal and deep-sea fishing charters, allowing you to spend a day on the water making a big catch you can throw on the grill at your vacation rental home.

5. Hot Air Balloon Rides

The best way to experience the full beauty of Orange Beach is by air, and hot air balloon rides offer a peaceful, scenic break from the beach action. Enjoy a serene trip high above the town where you’ll get an endless view of the ocean—maybe you’ll even spot your vacation home below!

Grab your own piece of paradise by contacting Sugar Sands Realty & Management Inc. Their wide variety of affordable homes for sale and vacation rentals are perfect for your next family getaway. You can explore their portfolio on their website, and visit their Facebook page for news and updates. Call (251) 974-1672, (800) 824-6462 today to schedule your next getaway or to make to a long-term investment.

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Alabama Condo Rental Specialists Reveal 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Family Vacation

Posted on by Sugar Sands

With so much to keep track of when planning a family trip, it’s easy to lose sight of a few details along the way. To get the most out of your much-deserved vacation time, there are certain errors you want to avoid.

After years of supplying travelers with quality beach home and vacation rentals in Orange Beach, AL, the experts at Sugar Sands Realty & Management can provide valuable insight on how to properly prepare for a getaway. Below, the condo rental professionals go over some of the top mistakes to avoid making.

5 Disastrous Family Getaway Mistakes

  1. Not Being Flexible With Your Travel Itinerary

Vacationing with the whole family can be expensive, but a great way to cut down on costs is by being flexible with your travel dates. Become familiar with the most inexpensive days to fly. If your schedule allows, try to work around those dates.

  1. Booking a Hotel Room Instead of a Vacation Rental

Having everyone stay in the same hotel room limits privacy and creates a cramped and uncomfortable environment. But with a spacious condo rental, your family will have plenty of room to spread out and relax. It will also save you money since you’ll be able to prepare your own meals.

3. Neglecting to Reserve Seat Assignments Early

If you fly with an airline that allows you to reserve your seats ahead of time, take advantage of it. This is especially important if you have smaller children. Not to mention, it will save you the headache of haggling with ticket agents or strangers to try and sit by your family members on the flight.

4. Failing to Utilize Discounts

There is a great deal of competition in the travel industry, which means there are usually a number of discounts and promotions going on at all times. Although you may have to do some research, it’s well worth the money you could save when capitalizing on loyalty programs, frequent flier miles, and special rates.

5. Taking Extra Luggage 

When you’re traveling with children, you may feel the need to pack everything just in case you need it. But this will only end up costing you more in baggage fees and being an inconvenience as you’re trying to haul it around. Stick to the basics and only bring what you know you’ll use.

Avoiding these common errors will help to ensure your family has an enjoyable and memorable travel experience. Contact Sugar Sands Realty & Management at (251) 974-1672, (800) 824-6462 or visit their website to browse their inventory of exquisite condo rentals.

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Stay With Sugar Sands Realty & Mgmt This Summer

Posted on by Sugar Sands

With summer nearly in full swing, it’s the perfect time for a trip to the beach, isn’t it? If you’re planning a beach vacation, there’s no better place to stay than in one of the vacation rentals from Sugar Sands Realty & Management in Orange Beach, AL. The vacation rentals are designed with the utmost comfort in mind and have a host of first-rate amenities.

If you’re thinking of visiting the Gulf Shores or Orange Beach this summer for some fun in the sun, here are just a few of the benefits of staying in one of the vacation rentals from Sugar Sands Realty & Management:

Personalized Experience: One of the biggest benefits to staying in a condominium rather than a hotel is that Sugar Sands Realty & Management can give you and your family a personalized experience. Whether you want a secluded spot by the beach or an amazing oceanfront view, they can make it happen.
Staying in a nice hotel can be a wonderful time, but you don’t get to choose your amenities. With a custom vacation rental, you can. Sugar Sands Realty & Management can provide you with a host of unique amenities, including rentals with a balcony, elevator, BBQ grill, tennis courts, sauna, exercise room, and more.
Privacy: Unlike staying in a hotel surrounded by guests, a vacation rental can make you feel like you’re on your own little island. If you want to feel like you’re in the privacy of your very own beach house, the vacation homes from Sugar Sands Realty & Management are ideal.

To learn more about the luxury vacation homes available from Sugar Sands Realty & Management, contact them today by calling (251) 974-1672, (800) 824-6462, or visit the website for a complete list of services.

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Hangout Fest

Posted on by Sugar Sands

The 2016 Hangout Festival is just a month away, but there’s still to find a great vacation rental for you and your friends. This year’s festival is going to be amazing, with an incredible lineup of artists and more of the activities making this music fest truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Sugar Sands Realty & Management, based in nearby Orange Beach, AL, offers a wide variety of vacation rentals and beach condos in Gulf Shores, so you can enjoy the Hangout Fest in style.

This year’s program offers a star-studded lineup, including:

vacation rental

  • Florence + The Machine
  • The Weekend
  • Calvin Harris
  • Alabama Shakes
  • & Lenny Kravitz

That’s just a sampling of the stunning musical lineup, not to mention the attractions and other activities to indulge in. If getting blown away by some of the hottest bands in the country is too much, you can pass out in hammocks on the beach, join Camp Hangout for games and drinks, or enjoy top-tier food from one of the hundreds of vendors dedicated to making this Hangout Festival one you’ll never forget.

A vacation rental from one of the area’s leading beachfront real estate experts will let you bask in the full Gulf Shores experience, with amenities and beautiful homes no hotel can match. Whether you’re looking for a large vacation home to share with your friends or a small, intimate condo on the beach, Sugar Sands Realty & Management will have the perfect place for you, at prices you can afford.

Visit Sugar Sands Realty & Management online now to see a sampling of their vacation rentals, or call (251) 974-1672 to speak with an agent today. They know what it takes to make a Hangout Festival into a truly monumental experience.

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Condominium Rental Agency For USSSA

Posted on by Sugar Sands

The USSSA baseball World Series makes its way to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama this summer. Secure your vacation rental property now, so you can enjoy easy access to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Park for the tournament and other baseball events. Sugar Sands Realty & Management in Orange Beach, AL, has a large inventory of vacation rental properties available near the park and is currently running several specials where you can enjoy free nights on short-term and longer stays. We want to be your condominium rental agency for all your sports events.


Whether you’re a baseball enthusiast or traveling with family and friends, excited about catching a few USSSA events in Alabama this year, now is the perfect time to secure your vacation rental or beachside condo. You’ll find several attractive weekend condo rental properties and long-term seasonal vacation homes that give you easy access to the beautiful Gulf Shores beaches, area fitness facilities, and recreational sites. Take a break from office life and enjoy a long weekend or an entire week on the Alabama Gulf Coast.

If you’re planning a spring break getaway or early summer retreat to enjoy USSSA baseball events, you’ll want to take advantage of some great discounts and free night specials offered by Sugar Sands Realty & Management, Inc. The following specials are available April 9 through May 14:

Stay 14 Nights, Pay For 10 (4 Nights Free)
Stay 10 Nights, Pay For 7 (3 Nights Free)
Stay 7 Nights, Pay For 5 (2 Nights Free)
Stay 5 Nights, Pay For 4 (1 Night Free)
Stay 4 Nights, Pay For 3 (1 Night Free)
Stay 3 Nights, Pay For 2 (1 Night Free)

Learn more about free night specials and date restrictions on vacation rental packages from Sugar Sands Realty & Management in Orange Beach, AL. Call the company at (251) 974-1672, or visit their website for more information.

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Free Orange Beach and Gulf Shores Vacation Guide

Posted on by Sugar Sands

Orange Beach and Gulf Shores Vacation Guide

Download Our 2016 Vacation Brochure!

Our travel guide has the best vacation rental listings with descriptions, photos, and rates for places to stay in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama.

There is also information on golfing and fishing on the AL Gulf Coast, along with dates for popular events like the Annual Seafood Festival at the Wharf in Orange Beach, the Boat and Yacht Show, and the Mullet Swing Golf Classic. Our island has it all: restaurants, golf courses, water theme parks, fishing and sailing charter boats, fresh and salt water fishing and the best shopping anywhere.

Your vacation is our business, and we pride ourselves in offering clean and affordable accommodations. From West Beach in Gulf Shores to Orange Beach, we can accommodate you. Our entire business revolves around you, our guests. Our reservation system is easy. Simply call our toll free number and our experienced and professional reservationist will make all the necessary arrangements for your next family or group vacation. Or, you can check availability and book online!


Download Brochure


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Condominium Rental Agency

Posted on by Sugar Sands

With all the choices out there for a condominium rental agency why should you choose Sugar Sands Realty & Mgmt? We have been offering Gulf Shores vacation rentals and Orange Beach vacation rentals for over 32 years. We have a rental for every budget and group size. Get your tan with Sugar Sands.

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