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Things to know before booking

Top things to consider when booking your 2021 Vacation Rentals in Orange Beach & Gulf Shores, AL

Vacation rentals offer you the opportunity to achieve a home-like atmosphere during your time away from home. From condos to beachside houses, you can choose a rental based on many different needs. However, there are a few tips you should know before you set your sites on a specific location.

A Guide to Booking a Vacation Rental

One of the most important factors to consider when booking is the rental policy. This commonly overlooked fine print can be the difference between a relaxing getaway and a stressful situation. While your researching your perfect getaway, take extra time to review factors like cancellation policies and occupancy restrictions. Also, look for information regarding deposits and variations in rates between days.

Along with the other terms and policies, check-in and -out information is critical to a stress-free arrival. While hotels often have a manned check-in counter 24-hours per day, many vacation rentals utilize alternative methods to provide convenience.

Location & Amenities

Everything You Need to Know Before Booking a Vacation Rental | Sugar Sands Realty & Management in Orange Beach, ALThe location of your getaway is another factor to consider. Utilize mapping tools to find out certain important information, such as the proximity to the beach. Picking a location that is close to the activities you intend to partake in ensures you can maximize your play time and spend less time on transportation.

While it’s easy to overlook, you should also verify which amenities are included in the vacation rental. Amenities vary by property, and items like toiletries, linens, towels, and hair styling tools are necessary for your trip. Knowing which of these items are included will allow you to pack accordingly. Other ones to look for include Wi-Fi, access to washers and dryers, and outdoor amenities, like private pools and barbecue areas.

If you need a beachside getaway, turn to Sugar Sands Realty & Management in Orange Beach, AL. The company offers a variety of rental opportunities along the Gulf Coast. From beach homes to condo rentals, you’ll find the perfect location for your next vacation. Browse their vacation rentals in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores AL, or get personalized assistance by calling (800) 824-6462.