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3 Reasons You’ll Never Regret Booking a Condo Vacation Rental

Renting a condo in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, Alabama is something you will never regret!

3 Reasons You'll Never Regret Booking a Vacation Rental, Orange Beach, Alabama

When it comes to planning a vacation, most people think their only option is to book a hotel room. However, in many cases, a vacation rental is the better choice. These properties offer some incredible advantages that make them far superior to most hotels in the area. If you’ve never thought about renting out an entire house, the benefits below will quickly change your mind.

3 Reasons to Book a Vacation Rental for Your Next Trip

1. More Space

Unless you spring for a suite, even the best hotels don’t offer a lot of space. Vacation homes, on the other hand, offer separate bedrooms, a dining room, and living areas, so everyone in the family will have space to relax and unwind. Resting in a comfortable environment will make every other aspect of your trip more enjoyable.

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2. Better Locations

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In most cases, affordable hotels will be located a mile or two from the main attractions. However, you can usually find a vacation rental with a much better location, with shops and restaurants that cater to locals instead of tourists. For instance, if you’re planning a beach vacation, many homes will put you just steps from the water and give you access to a wider range of entertainment options.

3. Lower Costs

In the long run, vacation rentals can be more affordable than hotels, especially if you’re planning a family getaway. Instead of booking multiple rooms and eating out at every meal, a vacation home will have space for everyone, as well as a kitchen where you can prepare your own food to keep costs down.

Sugar Sands Realty & Management in Orange Beach, AL, manages over 200 vacation rentals all along the Gulf Coast. Whether you’re looking for a weekend rental or planning to stay awhile, their incredible inventory offers affordable options to suit every type of preference. To book your vacation rental, visit their website, and call (800) 824-6462 to discuss your vacation needs with a staff member today.