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The Do’s and Dont’s of Spring Break Beach Planning

As winter slowly winds down, you might already be looking forward to getting away from it all and unwinding somewhere with warmth and sun. Spring break is coming to the rescue. But since beaches are popular destinations during the time off from school, expect accommodations—including condo and beach house rentals—to be a little harder to book. Plan your getaway without breaking the bank with these do’s and dont’s—then start counting down the days.


Decide on where to go.

Once you’ve decided who’s all in for spring break, it’s time to decide where you’ll go and what you’ll do. Involve everyone in the planning—especially your kids—to hear their insights on activities and ensure everyone on the trip is satisfied with the itinerary.

Look for deals and packages.

beach house rentalsAfter you’ve settled on a place and date, start searching for special deals and promos ahead of your departure. If you’re flying, work out your schedule so you’ll arrive and depart on a weekday, when air travel is often substantially less expensive. The same is often true for beach house rentals and other lodgings. Slightly extending your spring break to do so can save you money and add a little extra fun to your trip.

Book early.

Because of the increased demand, expect airfares and lodging rates to rise during spring break. To save money on your vacation, it’s best to make your bookings a couple of months before your expected departure. Airlines, hotels, and beach house rentals offer discounts, which tend to be more attractive the earlier you book.


Forget to set a budget.

After planning your destination and itinerary, be sure to allocate a budget for your trip. If you don’t have one yet, some hotels and travel sites allow early booking and often require only a partial payment to reserve your slot. You’ll have more time to save up and pay the balance as your departure date nears.

Dismiss other options.

If your initial plans don’t pan out, consider other destinations that might work for you. Discounts and deals are often specific to a place and date and can change because of other factors, such as increased demand. Switch up your usual vacation spots and explore new areas.

Overbook a day’s activities.

When traveling with your kids, limit your activities to two per day to avoid overexertion. You may want to get the most out of your spring break with an action-packed itinerary, but your kids need to have their downtime as well. If possible, give yourself a buffer day upon your return—this allows time to deal with any transportation issues and a day to relax before going back to the daily grind.

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