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Vacation Rental Safety during COVID-19

There are still many unknown factors related to coronavirus but one thing is certain, cleanliness is key. It is better to be safe and overclean during these times than to take a risk and assume the virus is not prone to surfaces.

Here at Sugar Sands, we have and will continue to take the necessary precautions to sanitize every vacation rental from top to bottom. Each surface in every room of the rentals are wiped clean using our industrial cleaning supplies with extra attention being paid to door and drawer handles.

Along with soaps and other toiletries, we are also supplying hand sanitizer to our guests to ensure extra cleanliness. Our cleaning staff has been trained on the latest CDC guidelines which includes washing their hands regularly and between each rental.

Grocery Stores and Local Businesses

Our local businesses are now open and the grocery stores are doing their best to keep the shelves stocked. Restaurants are seating at 50% capacity, employees are wearing masks and the kitchens are taking extra safety precautions. Other businesses such as retail stores and attractions are all taking extra steps in their cleaning process and encouraging social distancing in their daily routines.

As we all adjust to the new normal, what can you do to be pro-active in planning your beach vacation? A great option is to pack groceries for your trip. Your rental will include a kitchen with refrigerator and pantry storage for your convenience. If you stock up on your favorite snacks and/or meals in your hometown to bring on your trip, it will save you time and effort when you reach the beach.

We encourage you to visit local businesses in our area during your visit and many vacationers do choose to dine out. If you plan to prepare your meals in your vacation rental, packing your food in advance has its perks. This will save you time standing in line at the grocery stores so you can spend more time enjoying your surroundings and relaxing.

Have other questions about how to better prepare for travel during these times? Feel free to give us a call with any questions or concerns and we’ll be happy to help.